Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Spring Migrants

The last while has been a storm of bird activity. Here in Perth county, tundra swans have been passing through in masses.  I was told about a flock not far from home, numbering at least a couple hundred birds.
The odd pintail was mixed in.

Some different ducks are starting to show up on the Avon river, mixed in with the usual geese, mallards and black ducks.  This american wigeon was quite cooperative to photograph.
As well as this unusual female mallard.

I wasn't intending to be in Long Point until this weekend when I go with a group from Stratford, however I ended up that way yesterday for the afternoon and had some nice sightings.
Warm welcome from the the sandhill cranes

A juvenile bald eagle was perched along the lake at the Bird Studies Canada property.

As well as a wide assortment of ducks.  Distant rafts of canvasback and redhead were barely visible while several other species were less shy and came within better viewing distance.
Scaup of the lesser variety
Bufflehead and Ring-necks

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