Sunday, 25 June 2017

Dickcissels in Waterloo

Most Ontario birders have likely by now heard of or seen evidence of the influx of Dickcissels into the province.  I had eagerly hoped to see some this year, but most of the reports were too far away for me to easily check out.  That all changed when I heard that they were being reported in a grassy field outside of the city of Waterloo. 

Things seemed quiet when I first arrived early this afternoon, but it wasn't long before I could hear them singing and got brief glimpses as they moved around the field.

Photographing a small bird at a distance in the bright sunlight isn't easy, but I managed to leave with a couple record shots to confirm that I did see the species.

And of course plenty of photos of the surrounding vegetation when I was intending for the  Dickcissels :)

There was supposed to be a Dickcissel in this photo.
The habitat there seemed good so hopefully they will successfully nest.