Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Out and About Around Home

It certainly feels like spring is here in southern Ontario.  What snow we had nearly disappeared today as the temperatures climbed into double digits.  I had some free time this afternoon and it was great weather for being outside so I decided to take a walk around home.

My first big sighting was a flock of seven tundra swans that passed overhead, my first for the year.

The marshes and ponds around the farm were alive with the song of newly arrived red-winged blackbirds.  I tried for a long time to snap a photo in mid display, but it seemed each time I would line up the camera on a bird, it wouldn't do anything while the ones around continued to display.

I finally got one to somewhat co operate.  Light was fading so it could be brighter, but they should give me plenty more opportunities this year to photograph them.

Canada geese are staking out territory on and nearby the still iced over ponds. 

A flock would also pass over the odd time.

I'm planning to head down to Long Point with the Stratford Field Naturalists in a couple weeks.  Hoping to see more tundra swans and whatever other migrants this warm weather might bring.


  1. Yesterday there were two long Vs of Tundra Swans that passed over Stratford. I saw them from the Waterloo Street bridge. Lots of Canada Geese but Tundras as well. Northern Pintails are just beautiful. I will keep my eyes peeled for them too.

    1. Thanks for commenting Leslie. This is a great time of year for migrants. I've seen multiple flocks of tundra swans since that post. They're fascinating birds. I'm headed into Stratford today. Hope to see something of interest along the river.