Sunday, 27 March 2016

Mitchell Migrants

A stop at the Mitchell Sewage Lagoons (West Perth Wetlands) was the plan this evening.  There have been some interesting eBird lists coming out of the area and my nephew and I were interested to see what we could find. 

Approaching the first cell directly next to the parking lot, we picked out several northern shovelers and a few killdeer. 
A few canada geese and mallards were mingling with them

Song sparrows have become much more numerous lately and I spotted many in the grass around the water.  I didn't notice the buds coming out until after putting the photo on the computer.

The cells further on held numerous diving ducks including bufflehead, ring-necked ducks and lesser scaup.
Robins were quite common and among them I found this partially leucistic bird.  I have never seen one before, but from what I have heard, it is apparently not all that unusual in robins.

It was surprising to see a pair of shorebirds swoop over the water, calling the distinctive notes of a yellowlegs.  According to eBird, they are not to be expected quite yet.  I tried to determine if they were greater or lesser, but they did not land and continued on their way leaving me without a photo or a positive identification.

Further on, I caught a flash of blue and instantly thought of tree swallow.  I saw a few in Long Point last week, but none yet in Perth county.  It landed and I could see it was not a swallow, but in fact an eastern bluebird.  First of the year for me.

This time of year, a place like the West Perth wetlands is always changing as birds come and go.  I hope to get back again sometime soon.

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