Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Year of the Morel

At least that is what it seems like around here.  These unique little mushrooms are popping up in great abundance on one part of our farm.

Sometimes we go a full year without finding a single one which makes it even more strange that there would be so many this year.

As far as edible mushrooms go, morels are one of the tastiest.  A welcome spring gift.

This post was a bit different than what I usually write about here but every aspect of the natural world, even the mushrooms, can be interesting.

Anyone else seeing unusual numbers of morels this year?


  1. It seems like a good year for them, I'm seeing more this year than in the past few years. You're lucky to have them right on your farm!

    1. Thanks Patrick. We are enjoying having easy access to them. Must have been a ideal conditions for morel growth this spring.