Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Trio of Trumpeters

The eBird map has had numerous trumpeter swan sightings in southern Ontario lately, but I was still pretty surprised when I saw these three birds on our pond.

I didn't want to just assume so I tried to get closer and took some photos.  The size and distinctive features left me quite certain of my identification.

It helped that I heard them later in the evening, giving their distinctive trumpet sounding call, very much different from that of a tundra swan.

The birds on our pond only hung around for the day, so I was glad that I saw them when I did. 

In other bird news, I found the first batch of goslings for the year. 

The wood ducks continue to enjoy a flooded patch of the corn field.

And in the same field, this hen turkey was trying to remain unnoticed.  They have now started spring courtship and I have heard plenty of gobbling going on.