Sunday, 11 September 2016

Afternoon in Mitchell

There have been some interesting sightings reported lately at the West Perth Wetlands in Mitchell and today my nephew and I decided to take a look.  Recent reports included an american bittern that had been offering some good views and a red-necked phalarope.  The phalarope had only hung around a couple days but the bittern had been reported at the wetlands for some time now and I was hoping to finally get a good view of a species that has only offered me one brief glimpse in the past.

Arriving at the wetlands I promptly discovered that I had forgotten  my camera.  All that I had was my phone camera and a scope with which I could maybe use to do some digi scoping.

Lots of monarchs are showing up now and many were seen throughout the afternoon.

The large numbers of shorebirds that had been around also seemed to have moved out and although there was some decent variety, I was expecting a bit more. Likely a lot of that had to do with two cells being almost completely dry.

 Lots of yellowlegs, pectoral, least and stilt to sort through.  No killdeer today for some reason.
Stilt sandpiper doing 'sewing machine' action.
A northern harrier made periodic flyovers and was later observed feeding on something out in the soccer field.
Duck variety was quite good today including several first of the fall species for me. 

The bittern did not make an appearance today, but it was an enjoyable afternoon regardless.  The lagoons will be changing daily as fall migration continues. I hope to be back again soon and hopefully next time I will remember my camera.


  1. Even worse when you go birding and forget your binoculars. Did that once!

    1. That would definitely be worse. At least I had a camera, even if it wasn't the one I wanted.

  2. All though forgetting your camera is bad, I once remembered my camera, but forgot to swap out my 55mm lens for the larger one. That was the day I saw my first Wood Duck.

    1. That's often the way it goes :) Sometimes it seems that the chances of seeing something special increase when you forget something like that.