Thursday, 2 June 2016

Walking in the Woods

If I happen to finish with work in good time in the evening or happen to have a bit of free time somewhere, I can often be found somewhere outdoors.  Our farm has a nice variety of woodlots and tree filled trails which I usually like to check out.

 I am learning to spend more time looking down, not spending all my time looking up at the birds.  Often heard more than seen, gray treefrogs are relatively common.

I always look forward to the return of the the dragonflies and damselflies.  Ebony jewelwing is starting to show up in decent numbers.

A not so welcome species to come across is giant hogweed.  Fortunately I have not seen any around home, but some friends of ours living fifteen minutes away are not so lucky with fresh growth starting to show itself.  The juices of the plant can cause some nasty burns if it comes in contact with human skin.  Needless to say, I chose to steer clear of it when I came across it.

Most of the warblers seem to have moved through the area and headed on to nesting grounds further north.  A few species will stay around the area for the summer.  The yellow warbler is one of the most common around here.

A small creek running through the property is enough to attract eastern kingbirds. 

Numerous flycatchers are around, most of which are best identified by voice.  I was interested to see this olive-sided flycatcher sitting in plain view, not something that I see very often.

Most birders are familiar with the brown headed cowbird and their habit of laying eggs in other bird nests.  Their range has increased greatly, from its original area, due in part to the clearing and fragmentation of forests.

And although not a forest bird, I couldn't resist including a couple shots of our resident bobolinks.  Their bubbly song is a much welcome sound.

It's not often I have a chance to get two bobolinks in one shot. 


  1. A walk into the woods is good at any time! Good timing with the Olive-sided Flycatcher. One of my favourite, especially when they call!

  2. Thanks Blake. The flycatcher didn't call while I was around, but at least it gave me some good views. I looked up their call and hopefully will hear it sometime. It is very distinctive.