Thursday, 11 February 2016

Playing With a New Camera

I finally decided to make a change.  After years of my simple point and shoot camera, I decided to upgrade to another point and shoot camera.

However this new camera is a big step for me.  I first heard about in on Nathan's Nature Adventure Blog.  He and Ontario Field Biology have both written about how much they enjoyed their sony 50hx camera with 30x optical zoom. 

For a long time I had been looking at DSLR cameras, but the price tag was out of my range at this point.  I have only just recieved this handy little point and shoot, but so far I am very impressed.  It is a size that will easily fit in my pocket when outdoors and I am very happy so far with the capabilities of the zoom.

I will  have more of an opinion on this camera as I get more used to it, but first impressions are good.  I'll conclude with some feeder shots taken with this camera.

american tree sparrow

pine siskins
black form grey squirrel


dark-eyed junco

american goldfinch


  1. Hi Jonathan, you'll love it I'm sure! I'm still discovering functions on mine.

    1. Hi Patrick, I'm really looking forward to working with it. Seems to be a very handy little camera.

  2. Nice shots! Enjoy your new camera!

  3. Nice! Glad to hear we've added another HX50 to the team!

    1. Hi Nathan, thanks for the help you gave me regarding the camera. I'm looking forward to familiarizing myself with it as spring comes on.