Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Return to West Perth Wetlands

This extremely hot weather lately makes it hard to get out and bird as much as I would like.  On top of that, it's summer and birding hasn't turned up much unusual lately since spring migration is long past and fall migration has barely started.  However I still enjoy getting out when I can and today I visited the West Perth Wetlands later on in the day when the heat had eased off a little bit.  It was also a great opportunity to try out my latest purchase, a spotting scope and tripod. 

You can see that I got caught in a brief shower.
It allowed me much closer views which were not possible with my binoculars.

There were many birds about today.
Lesser Yellowlegs
Eastern Kingbird
Wood ducks
Canada Goose
Goldfinch in thistle.

Overall, a good time in West Perth.


  1. I always stop at West Perth when in the area. Hopefully next Thursday there will be lots of shorebirds to see when I head up to Muskoka. The last two times I have been skunked by heavy rains!

    1. Hi Blake. West Perth is definitely a good place to visit if you get the chance again. Although there are some shorebirds around, there would be better viewing if the shorebird cell wasn't so dry. Good luck birding in Muskoka. Hopefully I will get that way sometime.