Thursday, 25 June 2015

Scenes of Summer

Summertime on the farm means a busy schedule and it is sometimes harder to to fit in birding.  During my free time, I am often exploring around the farm or some other birding hotspot in the area.  No special rarities around our area lately. The last one for me was a drake northern pintail at the Mitchel Sewage Lagoons, somewhat unusual for this time of year.

Regardless of rarities or not, birding is still enjoyable and I thought I would share some recent pictures taken over the past week.
Many swallows around home have left the nest, but this tree swallow was still in residence at the Mitchel Sewage Lagoons.

Lots of eastern kingbirds around.

Plenty of great-crested flycatchers as well.
The resident bobolinks have been quite active.
And of course nice days like this are a great opportunity to catch up on some preening.


  1. I like your blog header photo!

    1. Thanks Blake. That tree swallow at holiday beach has been one of my most cooperative subjects to photograph so far. My camera equipment is relatively simple and it is really satisfying to get a photo that close.