Sunday, 24 May 2015

Afternoon on the Avon

My mom, sister and my three nephews decided to take a walk around the Lake Victoria section of the Avon river in Stratford this afternoon.  The major push of migrating waterfowl has passed through our area, but I was still hopeful to see something interesting among the summer residents.

The first part of the walk yielded a mallard hen with ducklings.  The first ducklings that I have seen this year.
Mallard Ducklings
A bit further on I was surprised to find a male ring-necked duck along the far shore.  These guys are really quite unusual for this area this time of year so it was an interesting find.  Unfortunately he was too far for a picture.

Stratford's resident mute swans were out and about on the river.  They were quite co-operative for photos.


The canada geese had goslings too.
The birds around the river here are used to people making them easier to photograph.  Had home, I would not be able to get as close as I could here.

Lilacs are also out in full bloom, adding a pleasant perfume to the air.
We ended our walk at a waterfall near the river, the end of an enjoyable afternoon.

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