Monday, 9 March 2015

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Spring

It was quite a change today to be outdoors in weather that actually climbed above the freezing mark.  With the sun out and hardly any wind, it was a great day to be outdoors.  The birds were singing strong and it would have been ideal for a birding walk.  Of course, work and school came first today.  However, this semester I managed to get a co op placement working at home on the farm in the afternoon.  It meant I had to work, but I also had time to take some pictures during my chores.

It was interesting watching these wild turkeys wade through the snow.

 I had to shovel off the trampoline before it collapsed under weight of the snow.

Cat got in the way :)

And then there's those tiny signs of spring.  Like the beginning of little buds.
I'm always trying to learn new ways to take decent quality pictures with the camera equipment that I have (cell phone camera and digital camera).  It's not great for long distance shots (like the turkeys), but it will do me for now.  I'm not ready to buy a fancy camera right now, but someday maybe. 

My mom and I have business tomorrow that will bring us down in the area of Long Point.  While down there I hope to visit the bird observatory just outside of the park.  It's too early for much in migrants yet, but I'm still looking forward to visiting a new birding location.

Enjoy the springlike weather.

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  1. All the snow has melted here, but it looks like you still have a bunch! Have a great time at Long Point and I hope you see some good birds!