Tuesday, 17 February 2015

It May be Cold Out, but There's Already Signs of Spring

I'm back to blogging again.  I know, sorry for the delay,  but time really slips away. I know it's no excuse, but here I am so let's get right to it. 

In my opinion, it is hard to nail down just one sign of spring that is important to me.  It just wouldn't quite feel right without all the signs I'm used to.  One of the most interesting, is the increase in growth in our greenhouses around this time of year.  We have a small organic store on our farm, and keep it supplied with fresh produce through our greenhouses.  You can visit the website here

 Below are a few views of the current state of our major greenhouse.

Of course, birds always seem to me to be one of the biggest signs that spring is around the corner.  Whether it's the increasing amount of yellow in the goldfinches, the first grackle or singing red-winged blackbird, the first soaring turkey vulture, the first displaying wild turkey, there are countless signs.  With temperatures around here hanging out in the -20 range, spring seems far  away, but halfway through February and it's closer than it seems sometimes.

The departure of the monarch butterfly from mexico is another symbol of the warmer weather.  They have not left Mexico yet, but soon.  I am subscribed to the website journey north and recieve periodic email updates on many signs of the warm weather such as robins, whooping cranes, tulips and of course monarchs.  You can check out the latest monarch update I received here or you can also visit the homepage and learn more about these other spring signs and report your sightings here.

Feel free to share in the comments section or by email what  your favorite or most impressive sign of spring in your area is.  I would be interested to hear. 


  1. My favourite signs of spring are calves (our cows should start calving at the end of March), prairie crocuses, and male Western Meadowlarks singing in our yard. I saw on your farm website that you sell ameraucana eggs -- I have nine ameracauna hens and I just love their blue eggs!

    1. Thanks for responding Charlotte. The calves are definitely a great sign of the warmer weather. This year I want to pay more attention to the similar eastern meadowlarks around here and add them to my life list. The blue eggs at our store definitely were an interesting attraction.